• Chad Phipps

    The Thunder from Down Under, Chad Phipps cut his teeth on broncs in his home country of Australia.

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  • Riggin Shippy

    With a name like that you’ve got to be tough, and you’ve got to ride bulls. Sitting on the back of a bull at the county rodeo to the biggest venues...

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  • Shelli Scrivner

    An ambassador for women’s rodeo, Shelli is amongst very few women who can be considered a pioneer in breakaway roping...

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  • Riley Shippy

    Riley comes from a long line of rough stock riders, from his grandfather to his older brother, jumping on the back of a freight train is in his blood.

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  • Addalyn Lattin

    Born and raised in the “Cowboy” State, and in ear shot of King Ropes, the Sheridan, WYO Rodeo and some of the truest cowboys in the world, Addalyn was destined to become a cowgirl...

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  • Spencer DeNayear

    Cutting his chops on the family ranch, smack dab in themiddle of the Sandhills of Nebraska, Spencer can rope as good as he can ride,tie down as good as he can mark out, he’s as cowboy as cowboy can get.

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